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Philipp Syring

Max Appel
  • 2018: Silver at the World Cup I in M4x
  • 2016: Gold at the U23-World Championships in M2x
  • 2016: German Champion in M1x

  • 2018: Silver at the World Cup I in M4x
  • 2016: Gold at the U23-World Championships in M2x
  • 2016: German Champion in M1x

Like father, like son?

For a lot of rowing experts, Philipp’s biggest success in the single scull at the German Championships of 2016 was a huge surprise. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and wasn’t able to win the most important trophy. However, his family already consists of an Olympic athlete since his father succeeded with the quadruple scull in 1992 and 1996. An Olympic Medal is also Philipp’s biggest dream. He was set for the quadruple scull up until the first training camp of 2019 when he unluckily broke his foot. He did try to fight back, but unfortunately, he did not manage this in time and thus did not get a place in the team. Will Philipp return again next season?

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  • Place of birth: Magdeburg
  • Club: SC Magdeburg e.V.
  • Occupation: Federal Police officer
  • Inside: He is one of the best at the game console as well


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