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Ruben Steinhardt

Max Appel
  • 2018: Silver at the World Cup I in M4x
  • 2018: Bronze at the World Cup II in M4x
  • 2010: Gold at the Junior-World Chamionships in M4x

  • 2018: Silver at the World Cup I in M4x
  • 2018: Bronze at the World Cup II in M4x
  • 2010: Gold at the Junior-World Chamionships in M4x

From Mannheim back to his old hometown

Ruben is an exceptionally polite and outgoing person who also can be very ambitious. This can be witnessed within practice when he almost destroys the rowing machine. Due to his studies of business and economics, the 25-year old intentionally moved to Mannheim. For his Olympic dream though, he then moved back to his hometown Hamburg. This dream did not seem unlikely, because already in the last season Ruben had his place in the the quad for sure. However, he could not prevail this season and will first take a break. Will he come back again?

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  • Place of birth: Hamburg
  • Club: Der Hamburger und Germania RC
  • Occupation: University student
  • Inside: He hates to lose at board games

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15 German scullers, 3 boat classes and only 7 seats available. The young scullers have a long and hard way ahead of them. Who will make it into which boat and fulfill his dream of the Olympic Games?

Time to Tokyo 2020


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“ROW TRIP” – Episode 04 (Part 1)

The rowing soul is delighted, because the athletes like to rowing most with their boats on glassy water and sunny weather. But also a training camp has its rules.


“ROW TRIP” – Episode 04 (Part 2)

Oliver Zeidler, Stephan Krüger, Tim Ole Naske – those are three contenders for the seat in the single scull. Each of them has his very own strengths. In Erba they practice head-to-head.


“ROW TRIP” – Episode 04 (Part 3)

In the end the coaches select the rowers for the boats. The double scull could become highly competitive. Only the most successful boat of the last years causes some worries.


Ergometer-test // selection – part 1

The ergometer test is the starting point of the selection and well known in the world of rowing: 2,000 meters – human vs. machine.


Pretest single scull / selection – part 2

More than just a final rehearsal for the German Championship in Cologne: the single scull races in Hamburg-Allermöhe.


“SHOWDOWN IN COLOGNE” – Episode 05 (Part 1)

The German Championships are not just about the title. Already in the quarter-finals, there is a hard fight for a place among the first twelve. Not everyone achieves this goal.

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