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Karsten Timm

Max Appel
  • 2018: Overall World Cup winner with the M2x
  • 2018: 5th place at the World Championships with the M2x
  • 2005: Gold at the U23-World Championships with the BM4+

  • 2018: Overall World Cup winner with the M2x
  • 2018: 5th place at the World Championships with the M2x
  • 2005: Gold at the U23-World Championships with the BM4+

A loud motivator

During the regular ergometer tests, it can be quite loud in the mostly stuffy gyms. One the one hand, this is due to the noise of the equipment but one the other hand, due to the cheering coaches. One of the loudest is Karsten Timm. With his loud voice, he can motivate his athletes to peak performance. For most athletes, this is an important factor because without motivation, rowing doesn’t work and that’s what the experienced national coach can do in any case. In the past season, the double scull coached by him won the overall World Cup victory. As a unit, these three want to repeat their success and thus also increase Karsten’s chances to participate in the Olympics, because only two of the three coaches are allowed to go to Tokyo at the end.

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  • Place of birth: Nauen
  • Club: Der Hamburger und Germania RC
  • Job: Coach of the men sculler
  • Inside: Rowed for the DDR

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15 German scullers, 3 boat classes and only 7 seats available. The young scullers have a long and hard way ahead of them. Who will make it into which boat and fulfill his dream of the Olympic Games?

Time to Tokyo 2020


Trailer for the Web Series


The coaches

Marcus Schwarzrock, Dirk Brockmann and Karsten Timm don’t have an easy job. They have to decide who will be in which boat at the end. And they also pursue their own goals.


“ROW TRIP” – Episode 04 (Part 1)

The rowing soul is delighted, because the athletes like to rowing most with their boats on glassy water and sunny weather. But also a training camp has its rules.


“ROW TRIP” – Episode 04 (Part 2)

Oliver Zeidler, Stephan Krüger, Tim Ole Naske – those are three contenders for the seat in the single scull. Each of them has his very own strengths. In Erba they practice head-to-head.


“ROW TRIP” – Episode 04 (Part 3)

In the end the coaches select the rowers for the boats. The double scull could become highly competitive. Only the most successful boat of the last years causes some worries.


Ergometer-test // selection – part 1

The ergometer test is the starting point of the selection and well known in the world of rowing: 2,000 meters – human vs. machine.


Pretest single scull / selection – part 2

More than just a final rehearsal for the German Championship in Cologne: the single scull races in Hamburg-Allermöhe.


“SHOWDOWN IN COLOGNE” – Episode 05 (Part 1)

The German Championships are not just about the title. Already in the quarter-finals, there is a hard fight for a place among the first twelve. Not everyone achieves this goal.


“SHOWDOWN IN COLOGNE” – Episode 05 (Part 2)

In the finale of the German Small Boat Championships it comes to the final decision. But Oliver Zeidler leaves no doubt that there can be only one champion.


“TEAMPLAYER” – Episode 06

Lars Hartig and Timo Piontek are the top dogs in the fight for the double scull. They are boat partners and good friends at the same time. That’s also why they want to fulfill their big dream together.


“DOUBLE TROUBLE” – Episode 07

The highlight of the fight for the double scull takes place in Duisburg! Lars Hartig and Timo Piontek against Stephan Krüger and Tim Ole Naske. A hard fight, with a lot of tension and big emotions.



The European Championships in Lucerne should be the first pointer to the international competition for Stephan Krüger and Tim Ole Naske, but the new German double scull team has yet to find its way.


“Lucky Hans” – Episode 11

Hans Gruhne finally made his way to the stroke in the quadruple. One of his best friends was waiting for him.


Two Generations

Stephan Krüger and Tim Ole Naske already showed a few times what they are capable of in the double scull. Working together in this boat is running more smoothly every day. But what is possible at the world championships?


“DOUBLE KNOT” – Episode 12

Rarely has the international field of competitors been so strong and close together in the double sculls as this season. For Stephan and TOle, the World Championships is not really smooth, but the big goal, Tokyo 2020, is tangible.

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