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„SXULLS“ – Team Deutschland up close

Team Deutschland unites the country’s best athletes under one roof, with one common goal: the Olympic Games. For the lifelong dream to represent their country on the biggest stage of the sport, they work daily. The event is the athletes’ freestyle whereas the way there is the compulsory exercise – which usually happens away from the public perception.

Team Deutschland wants to change that. This is exactly what we want to change with the project “SXULLS – Row to Tokyo” – representative of the path of many athletes from all kinds of sports, who are doing something similar in preparation for 2020.

Why the scullers? Why this format?

„SXULLS“ is unique – It shows in an unprecedented way how hard the athletes are struggling to realize their dream, what hardships they are willing to accept, and what the sport is giving back to them.

“SXULLS” is close – and gives the fans deep insights into the inner workings of the athletes and their closest environment. You can “experience” the way and participate in it. So far, no Olympic selection process has been accompanied medially.

“SXULLS” is diverse – and shows the athletes’ personalities. What makes the athletes strong is as different as what drives them. And the power of a team also feeds on what everyone brings in.

“SXULLS” is brutally honest – and makes it clear: failures and burst dreams are constant companions of the mission. Handling these experiences has always been one of the greatest challenges athletes have to master.

The story of “SXULLS” is emblematic of the values and goals that all athletes embody as part of “Team Deutschland”. They want to experience the magical moments that only exist in the Olympic Games. To do this, they reach their limits every day and grow not only during the event but every day beyond themselves. Pulling through the limit for the lifetime dream of the Olympic Games? We are here – and we hope that you are, too.

Pulling through the limit for the lifetime dream of the Olympic Games? We are here – and we hope that you are, too.

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