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For SXULLS, Close Distance Productions and “Team Deutschland” follow the best German scullers of the German Rowing Association.

Team Germany unites the country’s best athletes under one roof, with one common goal: the Olympic Games. For the lifelong dream to represent their country on the biggest stage of the sport, they work daily. The event is the freestyle, the way there is the duty – usually away from the public perception. Team Germany wants to change that.

At the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2016, the German Rowing Association was the second-best nation with three medals in total (2x Gold, 1x Silver). This should be repeated in Tokyo. The male scullers are an integral part of medal planning.

Asklepios – way more than a hospital. We consider ourselves as companions of health. Also with top sport athletes. That is why we support the Olympic training facilities of Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein over years now as a cooperation partner not only from the medical point of view.