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SXULLS makes you a companion of Germany’s best rowers. Follow the athletes on their journey to Tokyo and witness their personal stories.

The Olympic Dream

The year 2020 began with excitement and anticipation for the biggest sport event in the world. However, the Olympic Games in Tokyo have been postponed to July and August 2021 due to the corona pandemic. The athletes now face new and different challenges. Who is going to continue the journey? And who will forfeit and quit his way to Tokyo?

SXULLS on German TV

The way to Tokyo will take one additional year for the SXULLS athletes. The third part of our TV series gives an unique insight into the actual feelings of the athletes and shows what has happened during the last weeks. The German public broadcaster ZDF streams the third episode of our TV series in their on demand service. Due to the rights and licence situation the episode is only avaialable in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But no worries, you may find first available web content below…

Olympic postponement – World Champions View

The postponement of the Olympic Games wasn’t a surprise anymore, but still the IOC decision was a tough one for our SXULLS athletes. Subscribe to the newsletter now and check out the opionion of world champion Oliver Zeidler in an exclusive video diary.

“CHANGES” – Episode 15

In the infamous erg test, athletes have to go beyond their limits. Only those who invest everything have a chance of achieving the ambitious norm. While some athletes impress with personal bests and strong training performances, someone needs to talk to the head coach privately.


Shattered Dream

Stephan Riemekasten personally lets you know why he cannot take the torture of the Olympic dream any longer in this video diary.


Athletes & Coaches

Ten world-class rowers, but only seven tickets to the Olympics. Every athlete has his own story and his own plan. Check out the Athletes & Coaches profiles.

Sunny Vibes

While his teammates are in the middle of their selection process, World Champion Oliver Zeidler is training in Australia with an Olympic rowing champion – his aunt Judith.


The Quad Scull

The quad scull World Cup I in Italy at the beginning of April is nominated: Tim Ole Naske on stroke, Max Appel on take-over, Karl Schulze in the two-seat and Hans Gruhne in the bow.

M4x Nomination

The provisional nomination for the quad scull seats has been made. What do the athletes have to say about it?


Previously on SXULLS

An incredible world champion story, heartbreaking defeats and personal drama. 2019 is history – and a very special one! Already in the year before the Olympic Games, the athletes had to prove that they were willing to sacrifice everything for the goal of the Olympics. In the first chapter of SXULLS you can see who was successful in the merciless selection process for Tokyo 2020.