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The Boats


Last year, three strong single scull rowers, Tim Ole Naske, Stephan Krüger and Oliver Zeidler, applied for the place in the smallest scull boat. In the end there was no way past Olli Zeidler. After winning the German Small Scull Boat Championships also won the European and World Championships. Single scull rowers are unique athletes, which also applies to the 23-year-old exceptional talent. Nobody combines the attitudes of power, technique and willpower on a constantly high level like he does. Will the Bavarian even make it to the Olympic victory?


Trust and reliability are two decisive attributes for the double scull, so that a perfect harmony between two individuals can develop. With Stephan Krüger, Timo Piontek, Lars Hartig and rookie Marc Weber, a total of four athletes are aiming for two places in the Olympic boat. A thrilling fight between four extremely strong double scull rowers. Who will prevail in the end?


The flagship of the German national scull team is the quad which won Olympic gold in 2012 and 2016. In the big boat it is all about physiological power and the ability to grow and work together as a team. Tim Ole Naske (stroke), Max Appel (take-over), Karl Schulze (two-seat) and Hans Gruhne (bow) will compete. If things go well, the line-up can continue to work together. If not, there may be changes. Does the quad have what it takes to win the gold medal again?