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Row to Tokyo

Welcome! SXULLS tells the story of Germany’s best scullers and their dream of the Olympic Games. Join the athletes until Tokyo 2020!

The Project

SXULLS gives an exclusive and unprecedented insight into the selection process of top-level sport. The film crew accompanies the male sculling national team for over 20 months on their way to Tokyo, not only telling the story of the golden moments. More information on this can be found here.

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Water is Oliver Zeidler’s favorite element. He had been a competitive swimmer before he opted for rowing three years ago. But also on land, the Bavarian has his strengths. 


Pretest single scull / selection – part 2

More than just a final rehearsal for the German Championship in Cologne: the single scull races in Hamburg-Allermöhe.


Experts talk with Lauritz Schoof

Lauritz Schoof is one of the most successful German rowers in history. He knows the importance of pretests and his best friend Stephan Krüger very well!


The double sculls

At the International Wedau Regatta decides, who drives the German double sculls in this season. These German duos compete against each other: Lars Hartig / Timo Piontek, Stephan Krüger / Tim Ole Naske, Max Appel / Hans Gruhne, Stephan Riemekasten / Henrik Runge, Ruben Steinhardt, Samuel Tieben (from bottom to top right).

This is the team!

Oliver Zeidler in the single scull, Stephan Krüger and Tim Ole Naske in the double scull and Lars Hartig, Max Appel, Timo Piontek and Karl Schulze in the quadruple scull & Hans Gruhne and Stephan Riemekasten as sparemen. The squad for the EM!

“SPECIAL ONE” – Episode 14

So far, the season has been fantastic for Oliver Zeidler. In the final of the World Championships there ar strong guys waiting. While Olli is on his own in the race, father Heino cheers loudly away from the track. What a thriller.


The long way to Tokyo


Single scull is taken – who will make in one of the other boats?

In Duisburg the preliminary decision for the double scull has fallen. How will the coaches decide?

The team is selected – nine athletes are nominated for the European Championships in Lucerne

Rowing European Championships – in Lucerne (Switzerland) the team has to prove itself for the first time internationally

World Rowing Cup III – the dress rehearsal for the World Cup will take place in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Training Camps – in Weißensee (Austria) and Munich will be working on fine tuning for the World Championchips

Rowing World Championship – the season’s highlight! In Linz (Austria) the boats have to be qualified for TOKYO 2020

First training 2020 – the Olympic season begins and the tickets are redistributed


The biggest dream of every competitive athlete is to take part at the Olympic Games. From July 23th to August 8th, 2021, Tokyo will host the Olympic Games for the second time in history. Who will succeed in the end and realize his dream? Sign up for the newsletter and don’t miss out on the long journey to TOKYO 2021.