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Row to Tokyo

Welcome! SXULLS tells the story of Germany’s best scullers and their dream of the Olympic Games. Join the athletes until Tokyo 2020!

The mission starts

Since November 1st, 2018, Hamburg is the new federal base for the German men’s scull centre. Any athlete who wants to keep his chance for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 must give in to this reorganization. For many athletes, this means a huge change in their lives.


Winter training camp under the sun of Erba in northern Italy.
On the Pusiano Lake the athletes focus on their physical basics for the hard process of the selection. A new member joins the team and the fight for the seats slowly becomes tight.

Fight for the single scull

The first tests in Hamburg and Ratzeburg finally introduce the selection process. Now everyone has to show his paces. First spotlight is on Oliver Zeidler, Tim Ole Naske and Stephan Krüger as the single scull will be nominated first.

Fight for the double scull

After the selection of the single scull, the remaining scullers are looking for a place in the middle or big boat. Some of them try this as a team, others have to find each other first.

European championchip

The European championship in Lucerne is the first inventory for the sculler. The double and quadruple scull compete internationally for the first time in new occupations and Olli Zeidler has to compete in the single scull with the world elite.

Fight in the quad!

The single and the double scull are firmly manned, but in the quadruple scull is still movement. Not every position seems safe. Who will have a seat in the big boat at the end?


Selection is done. At the prep training camp for the world championships the boys now work together and not for themselves anymore. The German sculling team is fine tuning for the season highlight in front of a beatiful scenery.

WRCH 2019

The season highlight has exceeded all expectations. Severe setbacks and grandiose successes are close together in Linz. In the end all three sculling boats achieved their main goal: qualifying for Tokyo 2020.

Coming next

That was the year 2019. How are the SXULLS athletes going in 2020? You can see it here.

The long way to Tokyo


Single scull is taken – who will make in one of the other boats?

In Duisburg the preliminary decision for the double scull has fallen. How will the coaches decide?

The team is selected – nine athletes are nominated for the European Championships in Lucerne

Rowing European Championships – in Lucerne (Switzerland) the team has to prove itself for the first time internationally

World Rowing Cup III – the dress rehearsal for the World Cup will take place in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Training Camps – in Weißensee (Austria) and Munich will be working on fine tuning for the World Championchips

Rowing World Championship – the season’s highlight! In Linz (Austria) the boats have to be qualified for TOKYO 2020

First training 2020 – the Olympic season begins and the tickets are redistributed


The biggest dream of every competitive athlete is to take part at the Olympic Games. From July 23th to August 8th, 2021, Tokyo will host the Olympic Games for the second time in history. Who will succeed in the end and realize his dream? Sign up for the newsletter and don’t miss out on the long journey to TOKYO 2021.