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The German Rowing Association (DRV) is the biggest and one of the most successful rowing associations in the world. The DRV was founded in Cologne in 1883 and is the oldest association of German sports, which was founded solely for reasons of sporting activity and sporting organization. In the national ranking, rowing is one of the most successful sports. Rowing is firmly anchored in the Olympic competition program and since 1896, it is one of the core sports. However, the Olympic regatta in Athens fell victim to the weather conditions at that time, which is why only in 1900, rowers were allowed to enter the winners lists.

At the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) the German Rowing Association was the second most successful nation with a total of three medals (2x Gold, 1x Silver). But not only during the Olympic Games, but also at World Cups, World- and European Championships, the athletes are in the public eye.

Within the film project “Sxulls” the male scullers now also get a stage apart from the season. Due to the long production period of more than 20 months until the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, the spectators get to know the athletes from their very personal side, even apart from sports. There will be ups and downs on their way to the Olympic Games – and unfortunately there won’t be a happy ending for everyone. “This suspense is what makes the film project that special. As there is no script, everything is possible. The spectators are suffering with the ‘failed’ athletes and are feeling happy for the athletes who can realize their Olympic dream. And, in the end, they will hopefully be rewarded for their hard work”, explains Secretary General Jens Hundertmark. After two consecutive victories in the series, the quadruple can make the hat-trick in Tokyo. But even in the double- and in the single scull chances are good. But first of all, the first hurdle of the Olympic Qualifiers at this year’s World Championships in Linz at the end of August must be mastered successfully.

“Sxulls” is a great way for the DRV to bring rowing to the general public and give each athlete a face. We hope that with “Sxulls” we will reach all relevant age groups. We want to inspire children and young people for our sport, so that they join a student rowing club or a club in general.

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