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Max Appel

Quad Scull
Max Appel
  • 2019: Silver at the Worldcup III in M4x
  • 2016: Gold at the U23-World Championships in M2x
  • 2014: Gold at the Junior-World Championships in M2x

  • 2019: Silver at the Worldcup III in M4x
  • 2016: Gold at the U23-World Championships in M2x
  • 2014: Gold at the Junior-World Championships in M2x

Evergreen in the Quad

Max Appel is a model athlete: tall and well built. In addition, he was inherited the “rowing gene” from his father Sven, who became Junior World Champion in the quad scull 34 years ago. Not only Max is rowing successfully in his family at the moment, also sister Emma was 2nd in the quad scull at the U23 World Championships last year.

The year 2019 began with a shock for Max: After ongoing problems he had to undergo a heart surgery and missed several training sessions as well as the first tests on the erg and in the single scull. But the passionate hobby angler fought back and was quickly put in the take-over seat in the quad scull. At the World Championships in Linz, the big boat was qualified for Tokyo 2020, but Max and the whole team “only” reached 5th place. Head coach Marcus Schwarzrock was not satisfied with this result and tested different quad scull variants at the start of the training season of the Olympics. Max was able to recommend himself again due to strong performances in training as well as a new erg best result for the quad scull and will again be on the take-over position at the World Cup I. Will he be able to keep his position until the Olympic Games?

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  • Place of birth: Ratzeburg
  • Club: SC Magdeburg e.V.
  • Occupation: Sport soldier
  • Inside: Trained industrial mechanic

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