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Stephan Krüger

Double Scull
Max Appel
  • 2015: German Champion in M1x
  • 2015: Gold European Championships in M2x
  • 2009: Gold World Championships in M2x

  • 2015: German Champion in M1x
  • 2015: Gold European Championships in M2x
  • 2009: Gold World Championships in M2x

Experienced Allrounder

With his three Olympic participations, Stephan is one of the most experienced rowers in the German national scull team. The 31-year-old has already become World and European Champion in the double scull and “Krügi” can also do almost everything else. He is strong on the erg as well as in the single scull on the water. The allrounder has sat in all three scull boats in the past and therefore brings a lot of experience with him.

The past year has been an up and down year for Stephan. In the single scull there was only one athlete better than him: Oliver Zeidler. He then won the national decision in the double scull together with Tim Ole Naske, which he qualified for Tokyo 2020 at the World Championships in Linz. But with 10th place none of the scullers was really satisfied, so Stephan has to look for a new partner for the competition season this year, because “TOle” made it into the quad scull. At the World Cup I Stephan will start together with rookie Marc Weber, afterwards he will form a duo with Timo Piontek at the World Cup II. Then there will be a final decision for the Olympic Games. Will the native of Rostock find his ideal partner and thus participate in his fourth Olympic Games?

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  • Place of birth: Rostock
  • Club: Frankfurter Rudergesellschaft e.V.
  • Occupation: Sport soldier & university student
  • Inside: Calls himself a coffee junkie

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